Holiday Events in Union City For You and the Crew

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2019 is almost gone, and that means holiday events in Union City will come to a close as well. Thankfully, this city will be chock full of fun attractions for the holidays. Whether you’re celebrating with friends, family, or your splendid self, there’s plenty of seasonal tidings to take part in before this decade is over!

Perfectly Seasonal Things to Do For the Holidays in Union City

There’s plenty of exciting, seasonal things going on around The Union Flats this time of year! If you’re a diehard fan of exploring the neighborhood to see dazzling Christmas lights, you’re in luck. This website finds the best spots with all the decorated home displays in the area. And if you want to experience holiday food without the prep work, the friendly folks at Fairmont San Jose are happy to help. Simply pick and choose what you need to entertain (or keep it all to yourself), and they’ll pack up your order for pick-up, It’s that easy!

Midnight Celebrations for New Year’s Eve in Union City

NYE comes just six days after Christmas. Don’t be left out in the cold once the 31st hits by securing your spot at hot local events now! For a fun masquerade theme and awesome Latin music, check out the San Mateo Marriott party. There you’ll find five different rooms playing different styles of tunes for every taste. Be sure to book a room at the hotel for free breakfast in the morning! Rather not drink this NYE? No problem! Believe Imagine Create by Shanti Naam Yoga is throwing a unique experience to ring in 2020. From a healthy vegan dinner, guided yoga practice, and a DJ playing tribal beats, this event is perfect for getting in touch with your higher self coming into the New Year.

Holiday Events From Home!

While going out and celebrating is always fun, homebodies can organize their own NYE and Xmas events from the comfort of their apartment here at The Union Flats. For New Year’s, consider renting a photobooth and accessories to capture your friends’ cute faces for some tangible 2020 memories. And for Christmas, a holiday movie marathon with your pajama-clad tribe is sure to be a hit. There are endless ideas out there for holiday celebrating, so put on that thinking cap!


Whether you stay at home to party or decide to experience what Union City has to offer this December, be sure always to celebrate safely and use ridesharing if traveling. Have a happy holiday!