Community Exterior

Apartment 101
THE UNION FLATS in Oaklands, CA, provides an excellent option for tenants looking for the ultimate summer fun and experience. The apartment features views of downtown Oakland and San Francisco that guarantee an exceptional experience.

Enjoy Everything Our City Has to Offer
Tenants who are shopping enthusiasts can visit the numerous shopping sites. These include Sprouts Farmers’ Market, Whole Foods, and Stoneridge Shopping Center, to refill supplies. Renters wishing to pursue education can register at various schools within the vicinity. Greenleaf Elementary School, Cesar Chavez Middle School, and the Chabot College are nearby. The apartments are strategically located near the BART station, shuttle, and bus stations, making it easier for dwellers to access their places of work in Silicon Valley as well as entertainment joints without having to endure long and cumbersome journeys.

Family-Friendly Weekend Ideas
Multiple recreational parks such as Coyote Regional Park and Lake Elizabeth – Central Park exist where individuals and families can visit for unmatched family outings, experiences, and fun. Additionally, tenants can visit pizza joints and restaurants, including The Counter Burgers and Tasty Pot, within the apartments’ proximity. The apartments have a courtyard that kids can utilize for sports and entertainment.

Hosting At Your Apartment
Tenants who wish to have guests can invite them to the resort-inspired pool and spa for the ultimate relaxation experience during the summer heat. Tenants and guests can also lounge at the indoor or outdoor clubhouse and lounge area as they count the stars or gather their thoughts while roasting marshmallows. You can also host your friends and relatives at the pool with a sundeck and utilize the grill.

Clients seeking alternative summer apartment living solutions can reach out to THE UNION FLATS for an unforgettable experience. The apartments are furnished and fitted with all necessary amenities to ensure your experience is top-notch.