Stay Connected from Home While Living in Union City

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As a new resident of Union City, CA here at The Union Flats, you’ve joined a vibrant coalition of people. Getting caught in the cycle of work, childcare, and routine can make it hard to connect with everyone. As we gather together in uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to support your local resources and businesses. Here are some ways to engage with your neighbors while living in Union City!


Get Educated With the Help of Your Local Library in Union City


The neighborhood library is one of the most underrated public resources. Offering access to a wide variety of books, internet access, and educational programs, the library is invaluable to the culture of the community. The closest local library in Union City is the Union City Library. The library’s Facebook page provides information about what’s new both within the library itself as well as in Union City proper. Don’t forget to stay posted, and donate to their honorable cause here!


Order Food Delivery in Union City From a Tasty Local Restaurant


The local restaurant scene in Union City keeps the community well-fed and connected, through the universal language of great food. By ordering food delivery in Union City from a local eatery, you help support real people who own small businesses. A-Town Pizza, a highly rated pizzeria in the area, is a great one to check out! Whether you’re a plain cheese person or want to go bold with the A-Town Special (all twenty toppings!), your food delivery purchase keeps your own family fed as well as someone else’s. You can place your order here!


Stay Posted on Local News in Union City


Oftentimes, the local newspaper is the only source of information for city-specific events. Supporting local news in Union City is important to the community, and keeps every resident up to date on what’s going on in their neighborhood. The Mercury News, an independently-owned newspaper, breaks news stories in Union City and across Alameda County. Stay posted online here at their website, and consider subscribing to either their print or online access using this link.


Staying at home doesn’t mean holing up away from the neighborhood. By offering your support and engagement with the citizens of Union City, you make a difference in their, and your own, life. How are you planning on staying engaged with your community? Let us know in the comments!