2020 Predictions and You – How to Achieve Your Goals

2020 predictions, 2020 goals, new year's resolutions

We’ve just begun a new decade! This clean slate offers a lot of promise, and perhaps you’ve made some 2020 predictions for yourself that you’d like to keep. If you have trouble building new habits, you’re in the right place. We’ll go into some common goals that can benefit your life and detail the best approaches in getting them to stick!


Meal Prepping in 2020 – Building a Healthier Relationship with Food


Were you addicted to food delivery apps in 2019? In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it’s easy to reach for takeout instead of using those groceries in the fridge. But if you find yourself throwing more spoiled food away instead of eating it, change must come. Luckily, slow cooker dump meals are the perfect solution! This list of tasty recipes just might inspire you to pull that dusty slow cooker out onto your counter again. By simply setting your food in the cooker and going about your day, you’ll come back to your Union Flats apartment with a home-cooked meal ready to enjoy. Low effort meal prepping in 2020 will save you a ton of time and money!


Fitness Goals in 2020 – Making an At-Home Routine Work


Going to the gym can be a total pain! From finding parking to sharing sweaty equipment, it can be enough to kick those fitness goals in 2020 aside. However, building an at-home routine for yourself can make all the difference. This 20-minute no-equipment program is a great way to implement regular exercise in your life without excessive altering of your regular schedule. You can also take advantage of the on-site fitness center at The Union Flats! Enlisting a friendly neighbor to tackle your fitness goal together can help motivate you to make this your strongest year yet. 


One thing is absolutely true for all 2020 predictions; with the right amount of dedication, patience, and personal forgiveness, achieving them can be easy and fun. What are some other goals you’re looking to reach this year? Let us know in the comments!