A Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving 

Turkey Bowl

Thanksgiving marks the return of wonderful time-honored traditions. From gathering ‘round the table with the warmth of friends and loved ones to devouring that delicious holiday spread, it’s no wonder why it’s considered a favorite among American citizens. Another heralded custom on this day? Playing (or watching) football! The Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl is a classic event that goes almost as far back as the first Thanksgiving.

Two National Favorites Combine

It all started in 1869 in Philadelphia, PA, just six years after Turkey Day #1, when The Young American Cricket Club and the Germantown Cricket Club played a noteworthy match against each other on the date. This would soon start forming as a trend in another prominent city: New York! The Princeton team would compete against Yale’s on Thanksgivings from 1876 to 1881. It was clear to see that having football on the holiday wasn’t leaving anytime soon. Finally, in 1882, the Intercollegiate Football Association made the match official, and the rest is history. Today, “Turkey Bowls” are a staple of this country’s culture, as American as apple pie. But where did that term come from? Well, when high school leagues started to name their matches after that deliciously prepared bird, Turkey Bowl it became!

A Can’t-Miss It Event

With the NFL hosting three exciting matches this November 28th, you truly won’t have any trouble finding football games to watch on Thanksgiving! Tune in throughout the day, perhaps while you wait for that beautiful bird to finish cooking, or while recovering from a food-induced coma after tucking into dinner together with family. This year, it’s the Chicago Bears v. Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills v. Dallas Cowboys, and New Orleans Saints v. Atlanta Falcons. Check out what time the matches are airing beforehand so you can catch all your favorite teams!

Make the Turkey Bowl Your Own!

While watching from the comfort of the sofa is very cozy, sometimes enjoying football with real fanatics can up the feelings of Thanksgiving togetherness. Luckily, the sports bar scene around Union City, CA is sure to be brimming. Check out this list for a selection of neighborhood dives that’ll be open on the holiday. There, you can sip a beer (or two!), indulge in some pub fare, and make some new friends! Rather throw a Turkey Bowl of your own? Why not organize a community game at a local park close to home? That way, you can spread some togetherness and good-natured competition with your neighbors at The Union Flats!


If you’re not sure what day is Thanksgiving 2019, be sure to keep November 28th posted up. Whether you prefer to watch the pros duke it out from your living room, on a barstool with some brews, or decide to toss the pigskin yourself with friendly residents, you might just feel a little closer to the American roots of the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Union City

“The unthankful heart… discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!” Henry Ward Beecher

It doesn’t matter what side of history you choose to examine Thanksgiving from, because these days, it’s simply an opportunity to get friends and family together for the sake of sharing good company.

Even if you find yourself going through a rough patch in your life, there are several things to be grateful for, such as your health, the health of your loved ones, the friendships you have, whatever savings (no matter how small) you may have, and of course, the wonderful apartments you have in Union City.

Try using Thanksgiving as an opportunity to find peace with what you have instead of lamenting about what you don’t have. To celebrate this special opportunity, here are some ideas on Pinterest that should help you get motivated. If you’d rather eat out in Union City instead of cooking and cleaning at your apartments, consider bringing your family, friends, or dates out to a classy restaurant in town instead.

How will you make this Thanksgiving special this year?